CLUB RECORDS: Dedicated to the individuals who have achieved great feats on the lake and deserve recognition. Records are made to be broken, and eventually all these records will fall, and as they do, the newly crowned will be duly recognized.

Biggest Walleye

Most Walleye

Most (Individual)

Most Sheephead

Fastest Limit

Most Throwbacks

July 2011 - Brian Freeman

First fish of the the first day! Landed a

31" / 10.25 lb. walleye

in Canadian waters. Set the tone as this was the year we had the biggest average weight:

4.11 lbs per fish

July 1999 - Most walleye by a team in one day.


70 walleye in one day. Limit was 10 per man that year. I think Capt Jack only caught about one, we kept him busy netting our fish.

Left to right: Dave Feie,  Chuck Meyer, Brian Freeman, Kevin McNamara, Wade Smith, and Mark Feie.

Most Walleye by a Walleyeboy -

One Day Total (20) - Brian Freeman


It was 2006, the year of the Sensational Six. Year of the quickest limit (9:30 AM on day two). Could of easily landed 50, but the limit came fast.


But on day one, landed 20 walleye by 10:00 AM. Not real big walleye that year, but the year before (2005) was the year of the throwbacks.
This year we averaged 18-21".

Dave "The Doctor" Feie

Most Sheephead -

One Day Total  (18)

Dave Feie  / Tom Mellett


Probably not a record you want to be associated with, but, two guys had the moxy to pull it off. One of these days, one of these two will have to take the title from the other. The titantic struggle continues to this day. Who will prevail, place your wagers...

Tom "Zippy" Mellettt

Fastest Limit

2006- The Sensational Six

From Left to Right: Mark Feie,

Brian Freeman, Tom "Tozz" Duffy,

Steve Kilgore (RIP), Capt Chris Clemons, Chris Rockwell, Dave Feie.

Kneeling: Jake (First Mate)


The first day that year we thought limiting out at 10:00 AM was quite a feat. But the next day, we  broke that time and limited out at 9:36AM. We were poolside and drinking rum before noon. It was FISH ON all day.


Over 400 throwbacks between the two days fishing. Day one in Ohio we had close to 200 throwbacks before 9 o'clock. The team did manage to land some good keepers.


Day two we moved into Canada, and our keeper rate increased, with one boat just 2 short of the 42 limit. Still fished through the small guys.

2018 looks to be the year YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS... Fish on!

Mission Statement:

Trying to UNITE a group of quality young men (some of us not so young anymore), once a year, on the shores of Lake Erie with a common vision. SHARE a couple of days with good friends, and more importantly, good people. LAUGH, catch up, and catch fish. It's really a simple idea that seems difficult to keep going each passing year.       ©2018 Walleyeboys Fishing