Walleye fishing on Lake Erie in July turned out to be the inspiration for “The Walleyeboys”. Great weather and limit catches. Lake Erie is one of the great natural resources we have, and in July, it just gets even more attractive. Starting around 1989, we made this trip a 5 day event featuring excellent walleye fishing, with a summertime vacation feel. This trip became a true relax and play destination to look forward to every year. The cool thing is, you don't have to be an intense angler to get into the spirit of this journey. It's all about enjoying life, catching fish, and catching up. The trip belongs to us all... The Boys of the Walleyeboys make this a special group where stories are formed every year, and every year is special.

Mission Statement:

Trying to UNITE a group of quality young men (some of us not so young anymore), once a year, on the shores of Lake Erie with a common vision. SHARE a couple of days with good friends, and more importantly, good people. LAUGH, catch up, and catch fish. It's really a simple idea that seems difficult to keep going each passing year.       ©2018 Walleyeboys Fishing